Pike completed general construction services for the $7.9 million reconstruction of Rochester's historic Ford Street Bridge over the Genesee River. This project consisted of the removal of the existing superstructure, repair to the river piers and headwalls, installing new bridge girders, abating existing paint on trusses, reinstalling trusses, concrete deck road surface, and approach work on both the east and west sides. Work was performed with the use of barges, cofferdams, cranes and rigging equipment. The bridge remained in service during the two phase construction period. The first phase of construction included work on the southern two-thirds of the span, allowing for one way traffic on the north edge of the span. The north side of the bridge was completed in the second phase, with traffic allowed on the south edge. Extensive demolition took place throughout the duration of the project, and thus generated a potential for community disturbance. In keeping with Pike's commitment to the community, local groups affected by the construction were contacted in an effort to solicit their feedback. Furthermore, to ensure that construction activity was in compliance with the noise variance, hand-held decibel meters were used to measure the noise levels. The community was enhanced through this project with the reconstruction of the existing park area located on the east shore of the Genesee River. The reconstruction provides a more aesthetically pleasing link to the winding trail that flanks the shore of the Genesee River.

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